How (not) to blog

Jacob Nielsen lists the top ten design mistakes of bloggers.  It is a very useful summary for all new bloggers, and a useful reminder for the older hands.

I would add the following six tips:

11.  Retain your own voice.  Blogging has evolved as a form of personal expression of ideas and experience,  and that gives it much of its unique value.

12.  Use trackbacks to continue the conversation.  These create a link in the blog you are commenting on, to your own comments.   Emerging blogging etiquette demands that you only trackback to a post that you also link to in your post.

13.  Use blog-reading software to read blogs.  It is much quicker and more convenient than surfing from one blog to another in your web-browser.

14.  Use the "excerpts" section of your blog software wisely.  Many readers skim the excerpts to decide what to read.  Make it self-contained and interesting.  Excerpts that are intended to tease are annoying.

15.  Link generously.  Links are our community’s currency and our main social asset.   Give credit it where it is due.

16. Bloggers hate rules.  Try to codify blogger etiquette at your peril. 

Hat tip: Bloggers4Labour 

3 thoughts on “How (not) to blog”

  1. Blogger still doesn’t support Trackback, which is a shame. Nor does it support tags/categories – that’s another useful new thing: the ability to use metadata to search and to group articles together.

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