Blogging at the BBC

Paul Mason, a Newsnight correspondent, was blogging regularly in the run-up to the G8 summit.  He largely ignored the BBC rules and set up a blog at typepad.

His blog came to an end on July 12th – his last entry was a thoughtful post about the relationship between blogs and the mainstream media:

The whole reason I was keen to do this was to emulate some of the people I worked with during the time large corporations were embracing There would be policy papers, theology, huge diagrammatic expositions but nobody was actually doing it. The people who made it through the transition were the people who adopted the JFDI principle, where the JDI principle stands for just do it: even if you fail you will accumulate intellectual and moral capital.

He has announced today that the Newsnig8t blog will return – no details yet. 

There have been rumours for a while that the BBC has been developing its own in-house blogging software – it will be interesting to see if the return of the Newsnight blog will be part of a broader entry of the BBC into blogging.

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