Sir Ian Blair – it is the cover up that does you

On August 18th, I argued here that Sir Ian Blair should not be forced to resign because of the comments he made at a press conference which turned out to be incorrect. I noted, however,


that Sir Ian Blair may have sought to prevent an enquiry into the circumstances of the shooting of Mr Menezes. If this turns out to be true, then this would indeed be a resigning matter, consistent with my dictum that it is always the cover-up that does you.

Now the Curious Hamster has looked carefully at the letter that Sir Ian Blair wrote that day to Sir John Gieve, the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office. Curious Hamster notes that the letter reveals that Sir Ian Blair gave an order that the Independent Police Complaints Commission should be barred the scene of the killing, despite knowing that, by law, he was required to supply all information that the IPCC might require. This seems to me rather an important fact.


Remember, it is always the cover up that does you.

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  1. He just has to go. I also thought his comments about having to stay on because only he couyld defend London from terrorism were not only hubristic but in poor taste.

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