Ethiopian Airlines

I was very upset to hear of the loss of an Ethiopian Airlines plane from Lebanon to Addis Ababa this morning.

Many Ethiopian and Lebanese families will be grieving.

Ethiopian Airlines has an outstanding safety record.  The staff are professional, courteous and efficient. I will be flying from the UK to Addis on Friday on Ethiopian Airlines and, despite today’s tragedy, I am looking forward to it.

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  1. Agreed. I’ve flown with them a number of times, and never had a bad experience. They’re also much better with changing dates than most other airline companies.

    Two annoyances about the news coverage in the UK (I first heard about it on the Today programme, on BBC Radio 4)

    When the crash was first announced on the news, we were told that there were 2 Brits on board, one Canadian citizen, and one French citizen. Apparently people of other nationalities are less relevant / interesting.

    The second:- The airline safety expert was repeatedly questioned about the safety record of African airlines, and had to answer a number of questions about the quality of Ethiopian Airlines’ fleet (in particular the age of the planes). I certainly don’t remember similar questions being asked after the Air France crash last summer.

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  4. i am very sorry.we serprise by his happen.i pray for all pasenger in this plane.GOD will be say engeph this accident on this time.not happened gain.GOD BLESS FOR ALL.

  5. hi for alletiopian airlines worker iam so soory for pline in lebanon dides my cautry mans and wemens they are my sisteres and berazeres . so iam so soory i saye for all etiopian air lines workeres and my canutery pepels .sentayehu from beirut -lebanon.

  6. i wase very warrenig &very upset to hear the crashed of Ethiopin Airlines plane from lebanon to A.A i am so sorey/we must prey to dont rept agine this kind of accident.

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  8. You may not know this but Ethiopian used to be one of the cheapest ways to get from London to Rome for the weekend (first leg of London-Addis flight): usually three seats to yourself, a full hot meal, drinks bar and a movie. So much better than the mouldy sandwich thrown at you by other, better known national carriers. Always a pleasure to travel with.

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  10. American lawyers are set to begin legal proceedings against aeronautical giant Boeing on behalf of victims of the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash.
    The case, to be handled by Chicago-based law firm Ribbeck Law, was filed by relatives of crash victims, Lebanese national real estate tycoon Jamal Ali Khatoun and Ethiopian Engineer at Boeing Tesfaye Akale.
    Attorney at law Manuel von Ribbeck said that the case would seek to determine the reasons behind Ethiopian Airlines’ worst ever disaster.
    “It is extremely important to the victims we represent that all responsible parties are brought to justice without exceptions,” he said. “We must find the causes of the crash and demand that the problems be resolved to avoid future disasters.”
    The lawsuit is set to be officially unveiled in Beirut on Monday 03/01/10, but has been organized in anticipation of the official investigations’ report into the causes behind the crash.

  11. First of all my condolence to Ehiopian airline’s victim. To be fair and from experience, Ethiopian air line is the best air carrier in the world. I have travelled by Ehiopian air lines short and long distances between gulf and South African coutries.The crew teams are highly experienced and the service is first class compared with many airlines.Accident can happen even if we stay inside our bed, that’s accident. Inspite this accident, I never change my mind to use other airlines. JUST ONLY ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE especially long distance. YOU are the safest and I say WELL DONE. Is it possible to publish the crew member photos of Beirout victims? GOOD BYE

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