Visiting Pennsylvania

We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania. You can see the photos here. 

Grethe at the Liberty BellPhiladelphia was the venue for the meetings which lead to the drafting of the US Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution – documents (esp the Declaration of Independence) which are, even today, inspiring and radical. It is difficult to conceive of such a group of people coming together today. 

Gettysburg battlefield at sunset

Lancaster County was beautiful. The life of the Amish people (the subject, in part, of the movie Witness) is fascinating. I was touched that the reason for the lifestyle they choose is not a sense of biblical injunction, but a set of choices about how best to preserve the family at the centre of their lives.

On the way back to Washington, we stopped, almost accidentally, in Gettysburg, the site of the most decisive battle of the civil war. The battlefield museum vaut le detour if you are passing by. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is, of course, one of the great pieces of political oratory. It was interesting to see where it was delivered, and learn a little about the background to it. (Read the Gettysburg Address here.)

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