The enquiry into Katrina

I am not sure yet if President Bush is seriously planning to conduct his own enquiry into Katrina, or if this was just a poor choice of words. 

If he does end up holding an enquiry into the events, I predict this will be his undoing.  It is always the cover-up that creates the political scandal.  Some evidence will come to light during this enquiry which will be uncomfortable for the administration, and it will not be properly reported.  And that will, in time, be the scandal that finishes him.

1 thought on “The enquiry into Katrina”

  1. Didn’t Bush head-up some inquiries into the administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq? He came out smelling of roses from that, I think.

    When I heard Bush say he was going to lead a new inquiry into the post-hurricane mess I couldn’t help but laugh. Most people I would have thought, would have seen the conflict of interests. *Shrug* Thankfully, I think the Senate has also started a couple of independent inquiries.

    What I think will be Bush’s undoing isn’t a cover-up but his inability to lead when there isn’t a visible enemy to blame or bomb. I think the man has only one modus operandi.

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