Private Sector Development Blog

If you are interested in development economics, you should be reading The Private Sector Development Blog (PSD Blog), which gathers together news, resources and ideas about the role of private enterprise in fighting poverty.

The site’s objective is:

  • To provide intelligent comment on private sector development issues in the news.
  • To highlight new Web sites, articles and books that development practitioners might find useful.
  • To provide a link between the detailed resources on the World Bank Group’s Rapid Response Web site, and the ever changing world of the blogosphere.

The PSD Blog is already proving itself an invaluable resource, with lots of interesting information and links. It is maintained by the World Bank Group’s Rapid Response knowledge service, which specializes in policy advice on business environment reform and privatization policy in developing countries.The blog has two impressive authors:

Tim Harford is an economist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Before joining the IFC, he was the first Peter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times, where he was a leader writer in 2003. His book of popular economics, The Undercover Economist will be published in late 2005. He is also the author, with Michael Klein, of The Market for Aid, published in June 2005. Rather implausibly, he writes a problem-page column for the Financial Times called Dear Economist.

Pablo Halkyard is a private sector development associate in the joint World Bank-IFC Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked at an international strategy consultancy specializing on project risk analysis. Born in Brazil, he was raised in the Himalayas, grew up in Washington, studied in Lima, has a British passport, though claims to be Chilean. Unlike Tim, he is still working on his first book. 

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