Mandelson, Trade and China

Take a look at the article in The Business by Alex Singleton of the Globalization Institute, denouncing EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson for the agreement to limit textile imports from China.

A sample:

The EU’s stance is perverse and immoral and will hit the weakest and poorest hardest, both in Europe and in China; it shows that Brussels’ supposed commitment to economic development and solving world poverty is utterly worthless. 

Perhaps the language is a little strong, but the analysis is spot on. 

3 thoughts on “Mandelson, Trade and China”

  1. You mean you like something from Alex? But, but, he’s masquerading as an Institute! Uses the Royal We!


    Owen replies: Yep. I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed something, but I thought he got this one just right. (Also, the Institute does seem to be turning into a bit more than one man band, which is good.) Try to give credit where it due, and all that. If you ever say something I agree with, I’ll try to mention that too …

  2. I agree to a certain extent but China is an environmental catatrophe waiting to happen and this is a cost is avoiding and placing on thye world in general. Also China is developing like the Arab world with no signs that gains are being distributed in anything approaching an equitable manner. I know these aren’t Mandelson’s motivations, but there is no such thing as a real belief in free trade in politicians or businessmen, I prefer to think of this age as ‘distorted mercantilism’ or perhaps ‘contractual mercantilism’.

    Owen replies: “China is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen” – so we should impoverish it by limiting its exports? I don’t get it.

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