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About six years ago I threw together a website,, to make running-related calculations (for example: if I can run a 10km in one hour, how long might it take me to run a half marathon?).

Today I’ve changed one of the calculations because I made a mistake when I programmed the “Cameron Formula” (which is one way to predict how much more slowly you might run as the distance increases.)

The formula, which was proposed by Dave Cameron in 1993 and described in this email, was correctly listed in the website’s help pages, but I am sorry to say it was incorrectly calculated by the website.

I’m very grateful to Chris McCarton who checked the calculation and contacted me when he could not reproduce the answer given by the website.  As a result, I have now fixed the calculation.

I’ve also mended the switch between metric and imperial measures, which had stopped working.

24 thoughts on “Running for Fitness website updated”

  1. Owen, where’s your site gone? Ita my go-to for converting paces- speed etc. It’s turned into Musicians Against Gun Violence in America which is a great cause, but isn’t going to help me with my marathon planning!

  2. I third that! My favorite site for planning summer track workouts and the calculations for race predictions were always spot on!!!  Please give us our favorite site back!!!

  3. Yes, where is your site?? I always refer to your site and was disappointed when I wasn’t able to find it! There just isn’t another site as helpful for pace planning as yours was!

  4. Owen,

    It was a great website. I know a littke coding, so if you still have the code, I would be happy to help you re-launch it.


  5. As much as I support musicians against gun violence, they don’t help me predict race times. Please bring back the old site!

  6. i ditto all the above comments. it was a great great great website and now i have musicians-violence redirection going on. Ugh. You provided a very useful service Owen. Please bring it back!

  7. Please relaunch the website, I was so grateful for it!  Used it frequently for pace prediction over my 15 years of running and always recommended it to new runners asking for advice.

  8. I can’t believe the site is gone, the ultimate site for the best array of calculators. Is the site coming back? Where can I access or find the calculators?

  9. I keep checking back, hoping it’s here.

    It’s the only reliable race prediction tool online.  It’s been accurate to the second on all my big races.  Has anyone tried the “contact” link?

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