What to bring to Africa

Scarlett Lion has this list.  Her main advice is to keep it to a minimum.

Here is our list, intended for visitors to Ethiopia.

So apparently zip off safari shorts/trousers make you look stupid. I guess I don’t care – I think they are quite a good way to travel light in a country that is hot during the day but cool at night and there are mosquitoes in the evening.

3 thoughts on “What to bring to Africa”

  1. Surely the title of this blog post is a little too expansive? Considering the breadth of Africa and its varied climate and weather I wouldn’t hold the weather in Ethiopia to be representative of the continent as a whole!

  2. That seems like a very good reason to wear them! I guess part of what bothers me is people who go out and buy tons and tons of expensive “safari clothes” when old jeans and tshirts will do the trick. This is especially true when people wear said “safari clothes” in urban areas.

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