Not the America of Thomas Jefferson

Let’s hope this is temporary, but many of characteristics that made America great seem to be in decline.

  • an understanding of science as the key to humanity’s future
    instead of which we see the President apparently endorsing Intelligent Design being taught in schools, and banning federal funding for stem cell research
  • leading the world in technology
    the US is now 16th in the world in broadband connectivity, and falling rapidly; it has a mobile phone network that has lower coverage than Ghana.
  • a society built on justice, liberty and due process
    now jettisoned in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, and the extraordinarily under-reported (with honourable exceptions) policy of "rendition"
  • Government by the people, of the people, for the people
    … now by corporations, of corporations, for corporations.  The passage of the energy bill, and a new law to protect gun manufacturers from being sued for the way their products are just the two latest, most egregious examples.
  • Commitment to free trade
    As the China National Offshore Oil Corporation just found out, the US is no longer interested in investment from abroad from countries that the US does not feel fully comfortable with. It is quite hard to see how they will finance their current account deficit without it, though.

What am I missing?

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