Latest Development Drums online

The latest edition of Development Drums is now online.  I fear it may not be of universal interest.   The Chair of the  Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD, and the Director of the Development Cooperation Directorate of the OECD, talk about whether donors are living up to their promises, and the next steps on aid effectiveness.

I was planning to record another episode today, but the internet connection here in Addis wasn’t good enough.  I’ll try again soon – and please let me know if there is someone in particular you want me to have on.

If you have an iPod and iTunes, the easiest way to listen to Development Drums is to go to iTunes on your computer, go to the Apple store, go to podcasts and search for Development Drums. (It is free, of course). Then if you subscribe, iTunes will in future download new episodes as they are released.

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  1. Why not someone from Gates? How are the foundations reacting to the downturn? Are they changing “how” they deliver? If so, what are they doing?

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