US Aid to Africa has not trebled

I expressed some doubt here about President Bush’s claim that US aid to Africa had trebled.

My colleagues at the Center for Global Development, Steve Radelet and Bilal Siddiqi, have now done the numbers.  They find that total U.S. aid to Africa has doubled, but not tripled, since 2000, continuing an upward trend that began in 1996.

The pledge to double aid implies an additional $4.3 billion in aid to Africa by 2010. This is accounted for by existing projected increases in the Millennium Challenge Account ($2.0-$2.5 billion), the global AIDS program (PEPFAR) ($1.5 billion), and the recently announced malaria program ($0.5 billion). The pledge to double aid that was made at Gleneagles should therefore be seen as confirmation of existing pledges, rather than an announcement of something new.

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