The London Olympics

I am very glad that, as a result of hosting the Olympics in 2012, we will

  • invest in regeneration of the Lea Valley
  • improve our transport infrastructure
  • promote sports among young people
  • upgrade sporting facilities across London

What I don’t understand is this: if we all agree that these are good things to do (which I do), why couldn’t we do them anyway?  Why did we need to host the Olympics to force us to do them? 

(And if, conversely, these are not good things to do, why have we just spent a lot of money bidding to host the Games so that we are forced to do them?) 

I enjoy watching the Olympics and I hope the Games are a success. But I don’t think that the Government should be devoting its scarce resources to organising an entertainment spectacle.  We have more important things to spend public money on, and the fewer things the Government has to focus on getting right the better. Why couldn’t the private sector organise the Olympics?

Bah: humbug! 

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