Lake Langano

lalibela_std.jpgMeskel Square has an evocative post about Lake Langano in Ethiopia.  When we lived in Ethiopia, we used to visit Langano (in part to get away from the high altitude in Addis Ababa).  We stayed in the cottages in his picture.

He asks for nominations for favourite places in Ethiopia. This is tough, because there are so many to choose from.  I nominated Lalibela, which Grethe and I visited on our cycling trip through Northern Ethiopia.


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  1. Hi Owen. Thanks for introducing Ethiopia to the world in a positive way. I got to your site from MeskelSquare. I have a request for you. You stated that Ethiopia is a “democratic, federal republic” on your web site. I do believe this is misleading. Ethiopia had its very first relatively open election on May 15, 2005. The result of that election is still not made official because of the numerous vote rigging alegations and the complete lack of impartiality by the National Election Board of Ehiopia. This is why I say your statement is misleading. Thanks and keep on cycling. Try the Southern route (thru the Rift Valley and the Bale mountains) next time you cycle in Ethiopia.

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