Sign the letter to George Bush

Please sign the One Campaign Declaration. The declaration is:

WE BELIEVE that in the best American tradition of helping others help themselves, now is the time to join with other countries in a historic pact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty. WE RECOGNIZE that a pact including such measures as fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption and directing an additional one percent of the U.S. budget toward meeting basic needs – education, health, clean water, food, and care for orphans – would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries. WE COMMIT ourselves – one person, one voice, one vote at a time – to make a better, safer world for all.

3 thoughts on “Sign the letter to George Bush”

  1. One vote at a time? So you’d recommend a Republican vote if he did this?

    Owen replies: I’d recommend everyone to vote if they can, Republican or not.

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