Senator Durbin on Torture

Sen. Durbin, a democrat from Illinois, made a moving, patriotic statement in the Senate (full statement as pdf) criticising the treatment of prisoners innnnn Guantanamo Bay.

The issue is not about closing Guantanamo Bay. It is not a question of the address of these prisoners. It is a question of how we treat these prisoners. To close down Guantanamo and ship these prisoners off to undisclosed locations in other countries, beyond the reach of publicity, beyond the reach of any surveillance, is to give up on the most basic and fundamental commitment to justice and fairness, a commitment we made when we signed the Geneva Convention and said the United States accepts it as the law of the land, a commitment which we have made over and over again when it comes to the issue of torture. To criticize the rest of the world for using torture and to turn a blind eye to what we are doing in this war is wrong, and it is not American.

Read The Left Coaster for more about the furore this has caused.

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