More good governance from Africa

Thabo Mbeki has sacked his Deputy President, the popular Jacob Zuma, over allegations of corruption. This is exactly the sort of firm leadership, and intolerance of corruption, that the new generation of African leaders are advocating. I hope he will get the international recognition that he deserves. In the meantime, the UK has suspended a substantial part of its aid to Ethiopia after 36 people died in election protests. I commented on 10 June on the difficulty of making judgements about when aid should be withheld because governments can no longer be regarded as good partners in development. I hope these events will be noticed and commented on by the anti-aid brigade, who complain about poor governance in Africa, and who perpetuate fears that aid will be channelled to Governments with a poor record on governance. As these examples show, governance is improving, and aid is not provided without regard to the behaviour of the recipients.

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