Thank you Tony

Am I the last person to have discovered this hilarious site, set up to enable ordinary Americans to thanks Tony Blair for his steadfast support of George Bush in their adventure in Iraq? Visitors are invited to post their comments which "are printed on paper, and wire-bound into books of 250 messages. Message books are shipped to 10 Downing Street in London weekly.". Here is a sample:

Don’t let all the recent criticism get you down. There is widespread understanding among the American public that the liberation was undertaken for the noble cause of helping the Iraqis, as well as legitimate national interests of the U.S. and U.K. – Oregon, USA

P.S. On a lighter note: My wife has shifted her home decorating tastes from French Country to English Country in the aftermath of the war. – California USA

You turned one of the darkest chapters of modern history and brought light to the Middle East. Thank God for you. – Australia

I thought Thatcher was good. You’re gooder. – Arizona, USA

To truly win this war, a revolution needs to occur in the Islamic world to bring them out of the dark ages. A free and democratic Iraq is a great starting place. Your courage in doing what is right, instead of what is politically expedient, places you in the pantheon of great leaders like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. Arizona, USA

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