New Pope

The bad news is that the cardinals, hand-picked by JPII, have chosen as the new Pope a man who will continue to cause the suffering and deaths of millions of people across the developing world by opposing contraception and the use of condoms, which reduce the spread of AIDS. The good news is that, by picking a man who will take the church further from the mainstream of world opinion, the cardinals have continued the marginalization of the church and so, we hope, helped to reinforce the trend decline in baleful influence of the Roman Catholic Church.

2 thoughts on “New Pope”

  1. The Pope also advocates monogamous heterosexual relationships. Very effective in controlling the spread of AIDS I would have thought.

  2. Sorry Charles: the evidence shows that advocating monogamy is not at all effective.

    (Which is not the same as saying that monogamy would not be effective; but that advocating it does not seem to work.)

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