Our father’s kitchen

Children at Our Father\'s KitchenEvery day, about a 120 children come to get lunch at Beza le Hiwot, a day-centre at near the Merkato in Addis Ababa.

Their food is provided by Our Father’s Kitchen, set up a year ago by Yasser and Manal Bagersh who own a couple of restaurants here in Addis. Their kitchens provide food every day for these children, most of whom are living with HIV.

It costs 217.20 birr (about $20) a month to feed a child every day. A decent meal is an essential part of staying healthy for a child living with AIDS – the drugs make you sick on an empty stomach – and the simple provision of this meal enables these children to go to school. With this simple investment, Yasser and Manal are transforming the lives of these children.

They want to expand the programme and they are launching a pledge campaign. Yasser is setting up a website for people to donate; until then you can pick up a sponsorship form at The Lime Tree Cafe or email ourfatherskitchen@yahoo.com.

2 thoughts on “Our father’s kitchen”

  1. Hello, I am making a short video on OFK and would like to use some of your words from above. Would that be ok? I can change it if not. I am happy to send you a link to the video once it is up…
    Graciously, Olivia

    Owen replies: Olivia: of course you can.

  2. Hi Owen, although too lazy to either run of cycle, I really appreciate your site.
    Could you please help me find a contact at OFK?
    I’ve been trying with ourfatherskitchen@yahoo.com but apparently “the account has been disabled or discontinued”.
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Thanks a lot,
    Dria Paola ITALY

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