Washington Post on Paul Wolfowitz

Bizarre editorial in the Washington Post saying that

People who care about this institution and its mission — as many of Mr. Wolfowitz’s detractors do — should think carefully before they damage it by attacking its new boss.

In other words, we should not criticize the appointment of the World Bank President because, er, it is an important institution. As Brad deLong says:

No argument that Paul Wolfowitz is the best candidate for World Bank President. No argument that he is even a good candidate. No argument that he is either minimally qualified–in his understanding of development, in his understanding of international finance, or in his ability to manage a large bureaucracy.

My own view is that the President of the World Bank should be appointed by a process of open and fair competition. I have no idea if Paul Wolfowitz is the best person for the job; I do know that the Board that has approved his appointment does not know either.

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