Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Living in America, I am fortunately spared all but the worst excesses of the British election, which seems to be in full swing despite not having been formally declared. Even at this distance, the Tory posters – "are you thinking what I’m thinking" – hadn’t passed me by altogether. So I enjoyed the Pseudo Magazine’s entry about the idiotic nature of some of the posters. Here’s a bit to tempt you:

Another poster campaign is in order — and if he’s looking for a copywriter, I might just be his man: "I mean, how hard can it be to get those Colombian drug barons to stop shooting each other?" "I mean, that scientist geezer who looks like the lovechild of Seth from Emmerdale and Albert Einstein, he must be some kind of idiot — how hard can it be to land a beagle on Mars?" "I mean, nuclear fusion, it’s just the opposite of fission, isn’t it — how hard can it be?"

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