Making markets for vaccines

In my day job, I am working on how we can accelerate research and development of new vaccines for malaria, AIDS and other diseases concentrated in developing countries. Alan Beattie has an article in today’s FT on the topic (quoting me.) You can read the full FT article here. This is the FT link (but it requires a subscription). If you want to know more, you can read about it on the Center for Global Development website.

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  1. Interesting article about Malaria in The Times today:,,173-1518179,00.html

    THE deadliest form of malaria is up to twice as widespread as is generally thought and causes more than half a billion infections every year, the most comprehensive analysis yet of its extent has revealed.

    A map drawn up by British scientists shows 515 million infections with the most dangerous strain in 2002, compared with World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates of 270 million to 400 million.

    The findings indicate that the impact of malaria has been greatly underestimated, and that it may outstrip HIV-Aids as the world’s deadliest infectious disease…

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