Story of our trip to Ethiopia

Grethe and I have, at last, got around to writing an account of our cycling holiday in Ethiopia in 2002. You can read about it here. Ethiopia is a wonderful destination for a holiday. It has a fascinating history, spectacular and varied countryside, open and engaging people, and a very pleasant climate. Ethiopia needs income from tourism. Please consider choosing to visit Ethiopia for your holiday.

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  1. I strongly endorse (from the experience of having lived and worked in Ethiopia for four years in the 1980s, a time of tragic famine and heroic famine relief) this invitation, not only to visit a remarkable website, fascinating to couch potatoes as well as cyclists, but also to visit Ethiopia and spend money there to help its development. It's time to shed those out-of-date associations between Ethiopia and starving babies. I'll be putting some thoughts about that, and a heartfelt advertisement for the Ethiopia cycling website, on my own blog shortly — see (Yes, we *are* by any chance related.)

    6 Jan 05

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