Firing blanks

After a vasectomy, you have to give two semen samples, two weeks apart, to confirm that the operation has been a success. In a small number of vasectomies, the tubes join themselves back together; and it takes some time for the sperm to be cleared out of the system, so you need to do this to confirm that you can have unprotected sex.

And yesterday, I had confirmation that I am firing blanks.

So to summarise:
– I have no pain – even running a marathon in a PB time
– and I am now firing blanks
– and Grethe can come off the pill.

All those men who think it is not manly to have a vasectomy, but think it OK to make your partners take pills which put their life in danger, shame on you. This is a safe procedure, which has been undergone by tens of millions of men around the world.

2 thoughts on “Firing blanks”

  1. I'm fairly active (surf, volleyball, etc), and had a vasectomy 2 years ago. Had some recurring pressure related pain. After asking around a fair percentage of my friends had some difficulty or other (seemed to be about 1/3 of them), that eventually (w/in 2 years) was resolved. Mine eventually resolved itself (with a boost from Vioxx – now removed from the market due to heart/stroke risks).

    People may want to consider an "open-ended" vasectomy which may reduce the risk of pain due to pressure build up. I'm no expert though – just my limited experience. I'm OK now though, and back doing all my sports.

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