Update on the snip

After ten days, the stitches are beginning to dissolve, and the incisisions seem to be healing well. However, there is still some inflammation in the groin area, on either side of the base of my penis, and at in the scrotum at about the point where my vas deferens was cut. The inflammation in the groin is also putting some pressure on my digestive system, which is making me feel a little ill. I've started swimming, and have had absolutely no problems with that at all; and today I went to the gym and did some light upper body weights.

A colleague I spoke to said that it took several weeks for the discomfort to go away completely after the operation.

The chain of comments on this cycling website is interesting reading, and suggests that my experience is, so far, at the longer end of recovery periods, but by no means untypical.

The doctor said I could run after two weeks. We'll see – I'm hopeful, but not yet sure, that I'll feel ready for that.

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  1. See the blog on 8th January which explains why I did it. The short answer is that it is much safer for me to do this than for my girlfriend to go on taking the pill every day, which puts her at a 50% higher risk of cancer than if she is not taking the pill.

  2. Am thinkin about having it done myself….can you tell me if your back riding in the saddle yet (so to speak) and if so is it the same or painful…friend of mine had it done and wen started gettin fresh with the misses was in extreme pain for months…

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