Aaron Swartz

Development and the death of Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, who died on January 11th, worked and fought for key freedoms of our time: the right to information, to share knowledge and ideas, and to speak freely. This blog post considers the importance of these issues for development, and what we might do to continue his fight.

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How to get feedback from aid beneficiaries?

What are good ways to get feedback from the intended benefiaries of an aid programme? Can we use text messaging and other technologies to crowdsource monitoring? Over at Virtual Economics, Matt is interested in good examples to learn from. Read the full post »

Gapminder on the desktop

Gapminder Desktop has been released and it is free.  Now you can do the same kind of graphs that Hans Rosling does in his amazing TED talks (see here and here).

I’ve been playing with it this morning and …

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Government on the web: the next revolution

Seventeen years ago this month, I set up the first British government website.  I was a young economist at the UK Treasury, and I thought the budget documents should be available online.  I proposed this to the Treasury Management …

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Development & Geeks. Cool.

If you are a geek who is into development, and you are somewhere near Washington DC, you are going to want to come to the International Development Data Barcamp.  In fact, even if you are not near DC you …

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aidinfo spiffy new website

Forgive the puff for my day job – aidinfo works to make aid more transparent and accountable.

Our web guy has done a great job on our website: http://www.aidinfo.org.

Also you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Armchair auditors

David Cameron is right to call for transparency in public spending. Read the full post »