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There is a growing trend towards publication of data, rather than or as well as information and analysis. Aid agencies need to move in this direction; and they need to do so in a way that enables the data to be analysed from the perspective of a user - such as a citizen in a developing country. To make this task tractable requires some cooperation among donors to standardize the way the data are published. Continue reading

Fascinating article by Alan Beattie (registration required) on what he says are five common myths of world trade:

1. "Ghana is allowed to sell raw cocoa beans to the European Union, but if it exports finished chocolate it gets hit by big tariffs."

2. "Each European Union cow gets $2.40 a day in subsidies, more than what 1bn people each have to live on."

3. "The World Trade Organisation is undemocratic and secretive.

4. "No economy ever got rich without using tariffs to industrialise."

5. "Cutting rich countries' farm subsidies and tariffs will be a big boost for the world's poorest."

→']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

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