What Can International Development Learn From Britain’s Olympic Team?

Getting on the bandwagon of identifying lessons from Team GB's relative success at the 2016 Olympic Games. Read the full post »

Share the Road

Why cyclists cycle in the middle of the lane. Read the full post »

The rules of the road

General rant about the ignorance of car drivers. Read the full post »
A stream flowing through the village of Arkesden in Essex

From wags to fens

Our ride from London to Cambridge (105km) Read the full post »

Divided by a common language: bloggers’ guide

George Bernard Shaw, so they say, remarked that the British and Americans are two nations divided by a common language.  Now this is normally the time for a lot of tired jokes about "fanny", "fag" and "pants".  (We English think … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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Markets everywhere: fish and carbon

The Bush Administration plans to introduce tradeable quotas for fishermen.  According to the Washington Post:

The administration’s bill would be the biggest change in fisheries management in a decade. It aims to double by 2010 the number of "dedicated

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