The rules of the road

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A stream flowing through the village of Arkesden in Essex

From wags to fens

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The Dell, Hyde Park

London in the snow

Photos from running in Hyde Park and along the Regents Canal in London, January 2013

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The Liberia Marathon and 10km

The first Liberia Marathon is on 28 August 2011.

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Seven tips for new runners

Lots of people decide to start running at this time of year, usually to lose weight, look after their health or control stress.   This year perhaps some people will have been inspired to become more sporty by the Queen’s Christmas

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Great Ethiopian Run 2009

At the start of the Great Ethiopian Run Thirty four thousand runners gathered today in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, for Africa’s biggest road race, the Great Ethiopian Run.

Koreni Jelila and Tilahun Regassa won the women’s and men’s races respectively, both with new course records.…

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Fine athletes, and us

Paula Radcliffe chatting with G at CastellisG and I had the privilege of joining great athletes and olympians including Haile Gebreselassie, Paula Radcliffe, Richard Nerurkar, Millon Wolde, Hugh Jones, and sponsors of tomorrow’s Great Ethiopian Run, for dinner at Castellis

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Running for Fitness website updated

About six years ago I threw together a website,, to make running-related calculations (for example: if I can run a 10km in one hour, how long might it take me to run a half marathon?).

Today I’ve changed …

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China in Africa: plus ça change

Here in Ethiopia it is common for little children to shout ferenj when they see a white face.  I am told that this comes from the Amharic word for a French person, ፈረንሳዊ (pronounced färänsawi), because French people were among …

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Seen while running

Our Sunday runs start on Entoto, the mountain to the edge of Addis Ababa.  We start and finish at an altitude of about  3,000m.  Here are some things we’ve seen on our runs in the last two weeks:

  • a leopard,
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Dubai Marathon – Ethiopians get 8 out of top 10 men and women

In today's Dubai marathon, Ethiopians had 8 out of the top 10 men, and 8 of the top 10 women. Read the full post »

Entoto today

Tom (second from the left) visiting from the UK ran for the first time at altitude (his usual run is along the waterfront in Ayr).

More photos here.

Here’s the elevation graph:

Running Entoto 07-12-2008, Elevation - Distance

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Sunday morning on Entoto

Running down again

We ran ten miles this morning at the top of Entoto with a great group of runners.  The Entoto national park is a beautiful place to run, with views across Addis Ababa.

As the elevation chart below shows (full

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Running on New Year’s Day

Yesterday was New Year’s Day here in Ethiopia – it was the first day of 2001 on the Ethiopian Calendar. Grethe and I celebrated by going for a run in the hills overlooking the city.…

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Aid Effectiveness

At the Asia Regional Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Manila.

Shocking fact – Afghanistan received 1,657 donor missions last year. That’s more than 4 a day, 365 days a year. How is a government supposed to govern properly if it …

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Africa Now Better for Business Says World Bank Report

The annual World Bank report, Doing Business, reports an improvement in the business environment in two thirds of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  Tanzania and Ghana are in the top-ten improving countries this year. Other countries that have simplified regulations …

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Smoking the biometric crack

The Register reports Gordon Brown's interest in extending the ID cards scheme.

In the ID world according to Gordon, on the other hand, ID management will proceed down pretty much the path laid out by the architects of the ID

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The problem is not that the US has not ratified

I wrote about the US-UK extradition treaty on seven months ago

Now that it is in the news again, I want to to be very clear about the problem with this treaty. The problem is not that the …

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Security by other means

A joint project linking the Brookings Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Center for Global Development presented recommendations for transforming U.S. foreign assistance this morning.  The recommendation is for a new government department for global …

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In praise of the World Bank

Clare Short in The New Statesman writes in praise of the World Bank:

One of the great problems in the field of development is that there are too many players. Each developed country has its own programmes in the poorest

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