Dubrovnik from the city walls

Dubrovnik [photos]

We are back from a few days in Dubrovnik. Here are some photos.

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Red Eye

Christoph Niemann at the New York Times offers a splendid visual diary of a trip from New York to Berlin. The first image is below. More here.

Take off
from the New York Times Abstract City blog
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Back from backpacking in the alps

Owen on the Swiss-French border
Owen on the Swiss-French border

We are back in Addis after backpacking through France, Italy and Switzerland on the Tour de Mont Blanc.  Highly recommended: if you are interested, the details are elsewhere on this site.

I’ve come back …

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Should we cap and trade, or tax, to reduce carbon emissions?

If we want to reduce carbon emissions, should we cap the total and then allow trading, or should we impose a tax on all carbon emissions? Organizations and Markets looks at the economics. Here is the conclusion:

So the final

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George Bush says the right things on trade

Delivering the State of the Economy report on Wednesday, George Bush made the most effective case for the global trade talks that I can remember him making:

…  And the question for America is whether we treat the changes in

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Policy coherence in development

The ODI blog uses the debate about BAE in Tanzania as a hook for the broader issue known in Whitehall as "Policy Coherence for Development" – that is, the extent to which our policies on issues other than aid – …

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Open Letter on Immigration

Five hundred economists have signed an open letter on immigration.  These include five Nobel Laureates—Thomas C. Schelling, Robert Lucas, Daniel McFadden, Vernon Smith and James Heckman.  And, for what it is worth, me.  The letter says:

We must not

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