A businessman in a suit takes a bribe in Euros

Follow the money: illicit financial flows

An explanation of why CGD in Europe is starting work on illicit financial flows. Read the full post »
a needle and golden thread

All that glisters: the golden thread and complexity

This second of three blog posts looking at development policy through the lens of complexity thinking considers whether David Cameron's 'golden thread' is good development policy. Read the full post »
om playing Korean Whack a Mole in Insadong Seoul Korea.

Follow the money: illicit financial flows

CGD in Europe is now embarking on an exciting new programme looking at how various kinds of illicit financial flows affect development and what, if anything, rich countries should be doing about them. Read the full post »
A young man on his way to school in Gojam, Ethiopia. 2002

Complexity and development [presentation and podcast]

My 2012 Kapuściński Lecture considered the implications of complexity thinking for development economics and development policy. This post presents an updated version as a narrated online presentation which lasts about 45 minutes. Read the full post »
Owen Barder and Toby Eccles at the end of a conference table, with a picture of children behind them

Could ‘Development Impact Bonds’ work?

Discussing the work of the CGD and Social Finance Development Impact Bonds Working Group. Read the full post »
Logo of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Your hustings for the EBRD President

On Friday the Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will decide who will be the Bank’s next President.  I've interviewed four of the candidates and the interviews are now online for you to listen to, and you can read the transcript here. Read the full post »
Map pointer with padlock in it

World Bank gets open; Google not so much


This blog post first appeared on the Center for Global Development Views from the Center on March 30, 2012.

Google LogoThe World Bank has responded to concerns about its recent agreement with Google with a welcome announcement that it will … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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The World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC

Choosing a new President of the World Bank

Nominations for the head of the World Bank have now closed, and there are three candidates:

  • Jim Kim, nominated by the United States; President of Dartmouth College, former head of HIV at the World Health Organization, and a founder
Go to www.owen.org to read the rest Read the full post »
Map pointer with closed lock icon. Vector illustration

Don’t be evil (World Bank & Google edition)

A concern about a World Bank deal with Google: once any data goes in to Google Map Maker, it all becomes the property of Google. Read the full post »
A man pushing a huge pile of paper

What are the results agenda?

People who talk about 'the results agenda' in aid mean at least four different things. The differences might be important. Read the full post »
Rakesh Rajani speaking at the Open Government Partnership in New York

Warming to the Open Government Partnership

This joint post with Stephanie Majerowicz first appeared on the Views from the Center blog at the Center for Global Development

“The defining division these days is increasingly: open or closed? Are we open to the changing world? Or do

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The logo of the High Level Forum, hanging on the side of the conference centre

The open data revolution comes to aid

This blog post first appeared on the aidinfo site.

More than two thousand delegates have gathered today in Busan, South Korea, for the fourth installment of a succession of meetings aimed at making aid more effective.

There has been … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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The acronym BRICS in the flags of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

Will donors hide behind China?

Will the largest aid donors hide behind China to excuse their inability to make substantial improvements in foreign aid?  How can Busan balance the desire to be more universal with the pressing need for real changes in the way aid Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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A Trojan Horse

Effective and transparent donors

In two weeks there will be a huge international meeting on aid effectiveness in Busan, South Korea.  Ban Ki-moon and Hillary Clinton will be among the two thousand delegates who gather together to discuss improvements in how aid is delivered.  … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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Coloured pins in a map

What would Google do? (Aid effectiveness edition)

This post first appeared on the CGD Rethinking US Foreign Assistance blog.

Information, not coordination, is the key to aid effectiveness.  Some donors such as USAID are becoming interested in a more decentralized ‘Google Maps’ approach to aid coordination, to Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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3d rendered eyeballs

Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow

The Center for Global Development, where I work, has a shiny new transparency policy.   From now on, our presumption is that when authors post publications on cgdev.org that involves quantitative analysis, they will also post the data and computer … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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Kenya. Mombasa. January 25, 2012 African students. School.

In school not learning

George Bush famously asked, ‘Is our children learning?’. That’s also the question by Uwezo, a coalition of NGOs working in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  Their report published today makes dismal reading about the quality of schools.

First, a word … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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Appointing the next Managing Director of the IMF

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been accused of a horrible crime.  Like everyone else he is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

We may, however, soon find ourselves looking for a new Managing Director of the IMF, either … Go to www.owen.org to read the rest

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