A CGI generated road sign saying "Emissions Trading"

A Global Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade? The Economic Arguments

If you could choose how to curb greenhouse gas emissions, would you choose a carbon tax or cap-and-trade? In this post, which first appeared on Views from the Center, we say the economic arguments are pretty finely balanced. (In the next post, we'll say that the political and practical considerations lean heavily towards cap-and-trade.) Read the full post »
Erik Solheim in a grey suit and green tie.

We are the first generation in history …

In which Erik Solheim adds himself to the list of people to proclaim that, for the first time in history, we can eradicate poverty.

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Screencapture of Simon Anholt giving Ted Talk at TedSalon Berlin, June 2014

What Is Good about the Good Country Index?

The Good Country Index (GCI), aiming “to measure what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity,” has just been launched by Simon Anholt at TEDsalon in Berlin. This post looks at what it contains.

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Michael Gove speaking at Policy Exchange

Accidents of birth

Michael Gove's determination to liberate children from accidents of birth is hard to reconcile with tougher immigration controls. Read the full post »
Andris Piebalgs, the then EU Commissioner for Development

For the first time in history (EU edition)

Keeping track of occasional hyperbole in which we claim to be "the first generation" which can defeat poverty. Read the full post »
A graphic showing a rising arrow, with a person-shaped figure hanging off it

Evidence and scaling up

I spoke at a dinner of the Board of the Childrens' Investment Fund Foundation on Friday. I touched on the role of evidence in scaling up, and the role of foundations such as CIFF. Here are my remarks. Read the full post »