Details of an oil painting showing brushstrokes

Ten broad brushstrokes about development cooperation

I am discussing the the future of development cooperation, and the role of Northern NGOs,, with the policy, advocacy and campaigns team at ActionAid UK this morning.  Powerpoint is forbidden.  I'm going to paint ten broad brushstrokes about the future of development cooperation: Read the full post »

The new bottom billion [podcast]

Andy Sumner has published a new paper which argues that the global poverty problem has changed because the countries in which most of the world’s poor liver are no longer classified as low-income countries (LICs).  In 1990, about 93 per … Go to to read the rest

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The Guardian's data visualisation

UN summit roundup: three development narratives

Last week’s UN meetings in New York prompted a flurry of papers, speeches, documents, announcements and articles about development in general, and the Millennium Development Goals in particular.  There seem to be three emerging development narratives which are not obviously … Go to to read the rest

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How should development workers live?

Ravi Kanbur has written an interesting paper (pdf) about how he feels as someone who makes a good living from analysing and writing about poverty. Here is an extract, but it is worth reading the whole, thoughtful piece:

What is

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Actionable ideas for shared prosperity

On the CGD blog, Nancy Birdsall proposes “Ten Actionable Ideas … for a 21st-Century Global Development Agenda”

What are examples – some realized and some on the table but untested – for practical action in the interests of global prosperity?

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Raining when it shouldn’t

Wheat and Barley, northern Amhara regionOver the weekend we were trekking in the north of Ethiopia. The fields were full of wheat and barley, looking (to my inexpert eye) about 3 weeks from harvest (see the picture, right, taken on 29th November).  The farmers all … Go to to read the rest

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