Malini Mehra and Alex Evans

Global development challenges [podcast]

A new edition of the Development Drums podcast is now available online.  Malini Mehra from the Center for Social Markets and Alex Evans from the Center on International Cooperation at NYU take a step back and look at the …

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Proven success of aid for vaccines

A new study has found that aid channeled into vaccination has had a significant effect on improving childhood vaccination rates in the poorest countries.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, writing in the current edition of The Lancet

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The battle of ideas

Jackie Ashley is good in the Guardian today:

To be a liberal does not mean shrugging your shoulders at those who loathe you and hoping that somehow everyone will get on. A world divided between Christian bible-belt fundamentalists, powered by

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More on China in Africa

I wrote earlier this week about China’s growing role in Africa.  Here are six further insights into the implications of China’s push into Africa. …

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Is it 20:20 hindsight?

Andrew Sullivan yesterday:

I’m aware of one person who clearly stated before the war that he believed that Saddam had no WMDs. That was Scott Ritter. This is not the same as saying that we didn’t know for sure, or

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Measles deaths halved by international initiative

The WHO and UNICEF announced today that The Measles Initiative has halved measles deaths.

Global deaths due to measles fell by 48%, from 871 000 in 1999 to an estimated 454 000 in 2004, thanks to major national immunization activities

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Buy Danish


Here are some Danish products you might want to add to your shopping basket this week, as a way to stand up and be counted:

  • Lurpak butter
  • Anything sold by Arla Foods
  • Tuborg beer, or Carlsberg beer if you
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