This Doonesbury cartoon is causing some American newspapers either not to run the series, or to move them to the op-ed pages.

I’ve just watched Steve Jobs at the Apple event today. I was glad he paid tribute to the man whose liver he received, and that he called on others to register as organ donors.

But it is  less impressive… Continue reading

Reich on Palin:

while Ms. Palin is perfectly entitled to believe that evolution is a myth, that women should be barred from choosing to have abortions, and that global warming has yet to be proven, these views all run counter… Continue reading

Much of the literature about the effectiveness (or otherwise) of aid revolves around whether aid accelerates economic growth.

But there is another purpose to giving aid: to redistribute income and consumption from rich to poor.  If aid is taken from… Continue reading

The US Congress is currently discussing an issue which sounds rather technical and dull but which could have profound implications for the future of the internet.  If you care about whether the internet remains innovative, vibrant and open you should pay attention to the obscure-sounding question of net neutrality.

The issue is simple: should internet service providers be under an obligation to carry all network traffic without discrimination? Those in favour of net neutrality say that such a requirement is needed to protect the open, innovative nature of the net. Those against net neutrality say that market forces will ensure continued innovation and that legislating this requirement will stifle investment in new broadband services.

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