I use both Microsoft and Apple products. My MP3 player of choice is an Apple iPod nano.  Sometimes the Windows drivers seem to get messed up, and iTunes gives me a message that my iPod has not been recognised.

I’ve tried Apple’s solution, which includes a fresh installation of iTunes. That doesn’t work for me.  Here’s what works. (I got this from Richard Moye on the Apple forums).

Make sure you are using an administrator account.  Any of them on your machine will do for the following

a) Get Windows to restart the drivers:

– disconnect your USB device and close ITunes

– connect your USB device

– if ITunes loads, close it.

b) File explorer:

  • Open File explorer and browse to
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
  • In that folder there should be a set of files named “usbaapl64….”
  • right click on the one ending in “INF”
  • Select Install.  It’s very quick.
  • remove the USB device

c) Restart the computer.

When you login again, load ITunes before you attach your USB device.

Published by Owen Barder

Owen is Senior Fellow and Director for Europe at the Center for Global Development and a Visiting Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics. Owen was a civil servant for a quarter of a century, working in Number 10, the Treasury and the Department for International Development. Owen hosts the Development Drums podcast, and is the author Running for Fitness, the book and website. Owen is on Twitter and

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  1. YES!  This method finally worked for me as well for my Nano 6th gen and Windows 10.

    I had tried reinstalling the driver multiple times to no avail.  I think the secret is:

    1.  With iTunes closed as directed, install the driver and then IMMEDIATELY disconnect the ipod before it has a chance to automatically boot iTunes again.

    2.  Restart Windows and open iTunes BEFORE connecting the ipod again.






  2. Rift,

    Thanks for the comment. Your steps worked for me when nothing else did. I think what is happening is that Windows is installing its own driver for the device and not letting the Apple driver take ownership. The reboot after the Apple driver install clears the Microsoft driver so that iTunes can finally recognize the device.

  3. Thank you!! I thought I would be stuck in an infinite iTunes installation and un-installation loop forever.

  4. Great. Overall possible solutions this one actually worked (at least for me), thank you….really thank you.

    1. You’re a hero with X-ray eyes. I can’t say how long I’ve been on the phone to Apple who did determine it was the driver, but had no clue as to how to fix it. Gave me a case No and promised to e-mail me which they failed to do. Thanks for this very simple fix. I can now continue to use my loved ancient Nano.

  5. Thanks!!!  I spent hours troubleshooting with only partial success – got itune to recognize my ipad but not the ipod nano.

  6. Many thanks I finally got access to my iPod touch . If only I found you yesterday I could have saved myself 3 hours talking to apple .

  7. I get all the way to the step where I select the folder containing the proper driver install but when I click Next it goes directly to a screen that says “Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. Apple iPod USB Driver” with the only option left being “Close”. I’ve tried locating the driver install file “usbaapl64.inf” and right clicking to select “Install” but get a message saying it is unable to install that way… PLEASE help. I’ve been everywhere and called support and have gotten NOWHERE. I’m at my wit’s end!

    1. I’m having the exact same problem! No matter what I try I can’t sync any of my ipods…can someone please help? Thanks!

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