Here is the video of my lecture on Complexity and Development, given in Washington DC on February 5th, 2013:

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4 Responses to Complexity and development

  • The question for me is how to merge the interesting ideas of complexity with the sustdev pillars of social rights and the environment which tend to call for “engineering” solutions. I also wonder whether we should be too hasty about Cameron “getting it” on development

  • Thank you so much for this – I listed in from Redwood City, California and found your analysis and insight easy to follow and captivating (and right at the intersection of my own interests and those of my organization, Omidyar Network). Many thanks again. 

  • In the talk, you say (at around 38.30) that 80% of productivity improvements come from the entry and exit of firms from the marketplace rather than improvements in existing firms. What’s the source for this figure?
    Thank you.

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