Gheralta Lodge, Tigray

Last weekend, we stayed in Gheralta Lodge, about 2 hours drive from Mekele in Tigray, Ethiopia, as our base for seeing some of the countryside and visiting the local rock churches. (See also here and here.)

Gheralta is near Hawzien (or Hawzen), a small market town which is the site of an infamous massacre by the Derg of TPLF rebels.

The Lodge is beautifully designed to fit in with the local countryside and architecture, and to minimize the environmental impact of the accommodation.  They grow their own food and bake delicious bread.

More photos here or as a slideshow.

Here it is in Tripadvisor.

4 thoughts on “Gheralta Lodge, Tigray”

  1. this is a beautiful building . The air condition and location of the
    of the lodge is suitable .continue your construction.

  2. samuel(architect)from mekelle university,architecture department

    I am very impressed by the adaptation of the building to the site and the environment too and it keeps the traditional architecture and the traditional way of construction also. I also appreciate your site location because the raged mountain of geralta comprises around 30 rock hewn churches.
    best wish

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