Mark Tran in the Guardian says:

There is a vigorous debate among NGOs about the present discourse on development. Some are unhappy about how much of this has been skewed towards the aid agenda, especially the focus on the 0.7% of GDP target.

He quotes me:

But those demanding a more fundamental rethink on development would say the summit tinkered around the edges. Owen Barder, senior fellow and director for Europe at the Centre for Global Developmentwrote: “The discussion in 2013 should be much more about the responsibility of G8 countries to improve their own policies – and this summit on malnutrition unfortunately did not start that conversation as it needs to continue. The risk is that the G8 will think that they can address these issues by earmarking some of their aid programmes and they will not feel under pressure to make the systemic changes which only they can make.”

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