Aid transparency: are we nearly there?

There is good news and bad news in the 2016 Aid Transparency Index, which is published today.

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The sun shines on Ardbeg distillery warehouse

Why taxing global companies is hard

Should the profits on scotch whisky be taxed in Scotland, where it is made, or China where it is sold? And what about Google?

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Share the Road

Why cyclists cycle in the middle of the lane.

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Will we be the first generation to eradicate malaria?

This isn’t the first time that Bill Gates and the UK government have announced a $3bn plan to eradicate malaria.

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Price discrimination and welfare costs

There is nothing inherently wrong with price discrimination. But some of the mechanisms firms use to enforce it have huge welfare costs.

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Hillary Clinton attends the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting at The Shertaon New York Hotel on September 25, 2013 in New York City.

When the US Secretary of State reads your blog posts

One of my blog posts (written with Kim Elliott) ended up on Hillary Clinton’s desk according to the latest batch of released emails.

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A DFID staff member supervises the unloading of UK Aid  from a RAF C-17 aircaft  in Kathmundu Nepal on the 29 April 2015.

Commissioned by the Department for International Development.The flight is carrying vital UK Government aid stocks to Nepal, including shelter kits and solar lanterns. 

Images By Sgt Neil Bryden RAF

Strings attached

The Economist considers the implications of the UK’s new aid strategy.

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