Unity of Ants

Can aid agencies help systems fix themselves?

If economic development is a property of a complex adaptive system then what, if anything, can development agencies and NGOs do to accelerate it?

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A photo of Lagos, Nigeria

Aid 2030

Future development challenges cannot be tackled by aid alone. The biggest risk of the ringfence around the aid budget is that it will imprison us.

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"Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together," Installation at London's South Bank by Alex Chinneck

Pull Yourself Together

One reason I love London is stumbling across art installations like this.

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Computer code on a screen

Blog revamp

I’ve made some design changes to this blog. For those who are interested, here are the details.

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Zero inbox – an update

How to manage a lot of email, using (mainly free) tools in Outlook.  Shows how to keep a “zero inbox”.  An approach loosely based on Getting Things Done.

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