This website uses mainly open source software.  The webserver consists of NGINX as a reverse proxy which serves static and cached pages, on the front of Apache and PHP for dynamic pages. These run on a Linux-based Virtual Private Server at MediaTemple, a web host I’d happily recommend. Static assets such as media, stylesheets and javascript are served from Amazon Cloudfront content delivery network, to increase speed for overseas visitors and reduce the server load.

The content management and blogging system is WordPress.  The theme for Owen Abroad is responsive so that pages can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile phones. I developed it myself, with the help of Artisteer. The main plugins I use on the site are WP Super CacheCDN Linker, Comment Notifier, Contact Form 7DB Cache, MCE Comments, Tribulant Newsletters, Slider Pro, Special Recent Posts, and Xavin’s List Subpages. My online presentations (such as this presentation on complexity) are developed and published using Articulate Presenter.

This website does not collect personal information about you, unless you sign up to receive emails. If you do provide your email address, I will not give or sell it to anyone else.

Creative Commons LicenseThe content of this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.  Based on a work at

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